Who We Are?

We are independent Health & Medicare plan advisors! By being independent, we can get you the "truth" about all the plans available to you! We have no loyalty towards any one insurance company! At the end of the day, your healthcare plan is what matters to us! We represent over 200 different insurance companies throughout the State of Oklahoma.

How we help you?

 About to turn 65?

New to Medicare and confused about plans? 

Leaving employer coverage and need help?

Currently on a Medicare Supplement Plan and paying too much?

Dislike your Medicare Advantage Plan and want to change?

In the "donut-hole" and don't know why?

Listed above are several examples of how we can help you!

Free Claim Support

We help when Medicare or the Insurance Company denies a claim

Free Rate Trends

We tell you what your company or any company for that matter’s rates will look like in the next 5 years.

Plan D / Rx Issues?

We look up all or any prescriptions you take and shop amongst all the plans and give you the cheapest available.

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